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Teaching with Historical Records
Publications primarily geared to teachers looking for guidance in using primary source documents in the classroom, but also of use to records custodians who realize the educational potential of the records they hold.

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ED01 Consider the Source: Historical Records in the Classroom
This book introduces the use of historical records as source material for classroom instruction. It includes reproductions of 26 historical records and related lesson plans and activities.
1995  (146 pages)  $10.00
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ED02 Student Research Award Guidelines and Application
This publication provides instruction on applying for a New York State Archives Student Research Award for grades 4-12. This program encourages students to explore the wealth of historical records in New York State and increases cooperation between schools and organizations that administer historical records useful for education.

TWR1 Researching the History of Your School
Discusses ways students and teachers can use community resources to research the history of their school
1985  (40 pages) 

TWR3 Teaching With Historical Records
Provides information for teachers using historical documents in the classroom.
1981  (60 pages)