Scope and Content Note

This series consists of original signed proclamations issued by the governor to formally notify the people of the state on matters of law, policy, or custom affecting them, or to designate special times of commemoration or observance. The proclamations were filed with the Secretary of State as the office of record for New York State. Subjects of proclamations having the force of law include calling special elections to fill vacancies in the Senate and Assembly (up to 1953), and convening special sessions of the State Legislature (up to 1964). Most proclamations commemorate special events, individuals, and organizations. Many are for state holidays and days of observance (e.g., President's days, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day, Flag Day, etc.).

The proclamations are in typescript on sheets bearing the seal of the State of New York, and carry the governor's official seal. They are signed by both the governor and his secretary, and are also stamped with the date of filing at the Office of the Secretary of State. A manuscript entry giving the subject of the proclamation is found on the folded outer side.