Administrative Information

Custodial History

Enrolled Acts of the State Legislature (1778-1829): 13036-78, Volumes 1-131 were removed from the series for preservation due to their unique historical value.

Several laws (described above) were removed from the series as part of the Freedom Train exhibit.

State Archives accession number 13036-78 covers multiple accretions originally obtained by the New York State Library (NYSL) from 1920 through 1978. These NYSL accessions were transferred in bulk to the New York State Archives in 1978. Accession 13036-78 covers Volumes 1-1197 of the series.

13036-10: This accretion consists of original copies of laws passed in 1977 that were inadvertently cancelled by the Department of State by slicing each sheet diagonally from corner to corner. The sheets remain severed.