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Eliot Spitzer's gubernatorial platform promised change. In his brief tenure as governor, Spitzer sought to reform the operations of state government, stimulate the upstate economy, and curb the influence of special interests. Records consist primarily of incoming correspondence from constituents, public officials, and private organizations seeking assistance or expressing opinions on policy issues.
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Governor Eliot Spitzer's central subject and correspondence files are divided into three distinct sets: VIP correspondence, constituent correspondence, and correspondence filed by subject. VIP and constituent correspondence is arranged numerically by assigned correspondent number. Correspondence filed by subject appears at the end of the series, in no partucular order.

Administrative History

Eliot Laurence Spitzer was born on June 10, 1959 in Bronx, New York. He attended Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs followed by Harvard Law School. Upon graduation, he entered private practice and thereafter alternated stints in public service with work for several prestigious New York law firms. He clerked for federal district court judge Robert Sweet and served as an assistant district attorney in New York County, where he helped eradicate the Gambino organized crime family's control of trucking and the garment industry. After an unsuccessful run for the office of New York State Attorney General in 1994, Spitzer defeated incumbent Dennis Vacco to gain the office in 1998. While Attorney General, Spitzer sought to regulate industrial polluters, pharmaceutical companies, gun manufacturers, and above all, the financial industry.

After serving two terms as Attorney General, Spitzer defeated Republican opponent John Faso to gain the governorship in 2006. In his short tenure, Spitzer sought to reform the state budget process, the workers' compensation system, and the financing of health care and education. He also sought to reinvigorate the ailing upstate economy and championed campaign finance reform in an effort to curtail the influence of special interests and make state government more accessible to the public at large. Spitzer drew criticism for his support of the failed effort to legalize same-sex marriage in the state and for his ill-fated proposal to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Following disclosure of evidence that he patronized prostitutes while serving as governor and attorney general, Spitzer resigned the governorship effective March 17, 2008.

For further information concerning the life and political career of Eliot Spitzer see Paumgarten, Nick. "The Humbling of Eliot Spitzer: The Governor's Rocky Rookie Season." The New Yorker Digital Edition (December 10, 2007); and Masters, Brooke A. Spoiling for a Fight: The Rise of Eliot Spitzer. New York: Times Books, 2006.

Scope and Content Note

Governor Eliot Spitzer's subject and correspondence files consist predominantly of letters and attachments received from constituents, state and federal government officials, local governments, labor unions, public interest groups, and law firms. Occasionally, copies of responses from the executive chamber and state agency heads are included. Topics of correspondence range widely and include regulation of the financial and pharmaceutical industries; funding for health care workers; quality of care for the mentally ill; illegal immigration; aid to localities; development of energy resources; influence of special interests; requests for legal assistance; design of the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial; criminal law; requests for executive clemency; and public opinion on a variety of pending legislation.

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Accretion: 13682-08
2007 1407310-1413194 VIP 1
2007 1413209-1419043 VIP 2
2007 1419054-1422712 VIP 3
2007 1422798-1424832 VIP 4
2007 1424901-1429382 VIP 5
2007 1429400-1432098 VIP 6
2007 1432100-1434899 VIP 7
2007 1434901-1438349 VIP 8
2007 1438350-1441277 VIP 9
2007 1441300-1445317 VIP 10
2007 1445319-1449446 VIP 11
2007 1449451-1453128 VIP 12
2007 1453326-1456366 VIP 13
2007 1456368-1458299 VIP 14
2008 4-2775 VIP 15
2008 2802-5493 VIP 16
2008 5524-8402 VIP 17
2007 1404955-1411064 Constituent 18
2007 1411101-1415124 Constituent 19
2007 1415128-1418346 Constituent 20
2007 1418366-1421569 Constituent 21
2007 1421570-1423999 Constituent 22
2007 1424001-1425899 Constituent 23
2007 1425900-1428449 Constituent 24
2007 1428450-1431670 Constituent 25
2007 1431671-1433899 Constituent 26
2007 1433900-1436699 Constituent 27
2007 1436700-1440210 Constituent 28
2007 1440211-1442690 Constituent 29
2007 1442691-1444999 Constituent 30
2007 1445001-1446930 Constituent 31
2007 1446964-1448875 Constituent 32
2007 1448876-1458300 Constituent 33
2007 1434160-1450153 Constituent 34
2007 1450154-1452000 Constituent 35
2007 1452001-1453800 Constituent 36
2007 1453801-1456110 Constituent 37
2007 1456111-1457899 Constituent 38
2007 1457900-[ca. 1458400] Constituent 39
2007 December-2008 1-1999 Constituent 40
2007 2000-4100 Constituent 41
2007 4200-7199 Constituent 42
2007 7200-8198 Constituent 43
2007 Joint School Construction Board, Annual Report and Comprehensive Plan; Transportation Project Report, USDOT, NYSDOT, Draft Environmental Impact Statement Kosciuzko Bridge, Kings and Queens Cos.; Governing Magazine, 2007 November 44
"Broadwater" Correspondence 45
2007 "Broadwater" [Broadwater Energy is a Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal proposed to be built in Long Island Sound between New York State and Connecticut] 46
Constituent Misc.: WTC 9/11 Memorial; Judicial Appointments; Greetings and Best Wishes; Illegal Immigrants - No Response - PRO; Illegal Immigrants - No Response - CON 47
Unarranged 48
Oversize Volume 49