New York State Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Central Subject and Correspondence Files

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The central subject and correspondence files of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller relate to such issues as the Vietnam War; civil defense during the Cold War; the Attica Correctional Facility inmate uprising; race relations and civil unrest; inflation; public housing; and the construction of the South Mall (Empire State Plaza) in Albany, New York.
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Major subject areas covered by the correspondence files of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1959-1973, include but are not limited to the following:

1. Vietnam War: widespread citizen opposition to American involvement; protests, including flag and draft card burnings and the 1969 "Moratorium"; bombing of North Vietnam; peace negotiations; returning prisoners of war and efforts to locate additional prisoners of war and missing in action; and employment of and assistance to veterans

2. other international and defense issues: Soviet Party Chairman Khrushchev's visit to the United States and reaction to the U-2 incident; Soviet troops and weapons in Cuba, requests from Cuban exiles for help in overthrowing the Communist government, and resettlement of Cuban refugees; and reactivation of State Defense Council in 1959, proposed program for mandatory fallout shelters, and general civil protection against the effects of nuclear attack

3. Attica Correctional Facility inmate uprising (1971): causes; governor's response of storming the prison to end the uprising; deaths of inmates and guards held hostage by them; and demands of hostages or their families for compensation

4. social problems and issues: employment, pensions, social security, insurance, and tax exemptions for the aged; racial and religious discrimination in employment and housing, civil rights and anti-discriminatory legislation, and racial unrest and riots; college campus demonstrations, violence, and vandalism; juvenile delinquency and debate over minimum drinking age; and drug addiction and establishment of drug rehabilitation centers

5. economic issues: state and national efforts to control inflation, including national wage and price freezes; labor benefits such as unemployment insurance and workmen's compensation, and labor strikes (teachers, New York City transit and subway, etc.); and housing projects, repairs, rent control, and tenant problems

6. recommendations of the Temporary State Commission on Revision and Simplification of the Constitution ("Peck Commission", established 1959), and issues and amendments debated in the Constitutional Convention of 1967

7. education issues: school taxes, state aid to education, and general finance; scholarships; and problems and concerns of individual schools and colleges (e.g. name changes; appearance of "extremist" guest speakers)

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This accretion is indexed by Series B1854, Index to central subject and correspondence files of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, 1959-1973.

Subject heading lists for entire span of administration, 1959-1973.

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