Scope and Content Note

Major subject areas covered by the correspondence files of Governor Malcolm Wilson, 1973-1974, include but are not limited to the following:

1. "Watergate" scandal aftermath: debate over whether to impeach President Nixon; Nixon's resignation and his pardon by President Ford; and Ford's selection of Governor Rockefeller as Vice President

2. social problems and issues: race relations and unrest, employment, affirmative action, and appeals to the State Human Rights Appeals Board; Education Commissioner Ewald Nyquist's plan to integrate schools through forced busing; Indian relations, especially the armed occupation of state land at Moss Lake by Mohawks claiming title to the land; debate over abortion legislation; drug addiction and prevention, treatment centers, and rehabilitation programs, including methadone maintenance; and debate over restoration of capital punishment

3. economic issues: the energy crisis and fuel conservation efforts, including gasoline rationing; debate over Sunday store closing legislation ("Blue Laws"); housing projects, rent control, low and middle income housing, landlord and tenant problems, and urban renewal; and labor strikes and strike threats (New York City police, state workers, truckers), unemployment, and other labor issues

4. international issues: Middle East tensions and terrorism surrounding the 1973 Yom Kippur War; and return of some prisoners of war from Vietnam and concern about remaining prisoners of war and missing in action

5. other issues: plans for observance of the American Bicentennial; and environmental pollution and recycling