Scope and Content Note

Executive Chamber staff maintained these records as a central file of photocopies of gubernatorial proclamations. The original proclamations were filed with the Secretary of State in accordance with legislation of 1892 and 1951 requiring all documents issued under the great seal of New York State to be filed with the Secretary.

Usually ceremonial in nature, the proclamations recognize important events, issues, or personal achievements by proclaiming a day, week, or month in their honor. Occasionally, proclamations do serve a functional purpose such as calling for a general election to fill an assembly or senate seat vacated before expiration of the term.

Examples of the types of proclamations issued during Gov. Harriman's term (accretion 13684-07) are those recognizing: Hospital Week; Mental Health Week; Ukranian Day; Egg Month; March of Dimes Month; Red Cross Month; Greek Independence Day; West Point Day; and Food and Drug Law Week.

Examples of the types of proclamations issued during Gov. Carey's and Cuomo's terms are those recognizing: Fair Housing Month; Warsaw Ghetto Day; Food Week; Norwegian Constitution Day; Puerto Rican Women Week; Charles A. Lindbergh Day; Environmental Enhancement Week; Noise Abatement Week; Disaster Survival Day; Music Week; Handicapped Awareness Week; and Armed Forces Day.