Scope and Content Note

This series consists of audio and video tape cassettes, motion picture films, and reel-to-reel audio tapes documenting the activities of New York's governors. Included are tapes and films of: Thomas E. Dewey (1943-1954); W. Averell Harriman (1955-1958); Nelson A. Rockefeller (1959-1973); Malcolm Wilson (1973-1974); Hugh L. Carey (1975-1982); and Mario M. Cuomo (1983-1994).

The tapes and films cover such events as: gubernatorial inaugurations; annual state-of-the-state addresses; budget messages; press conferences; interviews; radio and television announcements; award and dedication ceremonies; and meetings with local, state, federal, and foreign government officials and representatives.

13700-82: This accretion consists of almost 1,700 audio and video cassette and reel-to-reel tapes of Governor Hugh L. Carey (1975-1982) covering events and topics such as: Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza dedication ceremonies; New York State and New York City budget crises; mayoral conferences; political conventions and election campaigns; comments regarding and meetings with U.S. presidents; 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid; "I Love New York" advertising campaign; international trips (e.g. trade talks in Japan); Love Canal and hazardous waste issues; energy policy; women's issues; gun control; and the death penalty.

13700-83: This accretion consists of 60 video tapes, motion picture films, and audio reel-to-reel tapes documenting activities of governors Thomas E. Dewey, W. Averell Harriman, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Malcolm Wilson, and Hugh L. Carey. The video materials include both sound and silent film and both color and black-and-white materials. The films and tapes cover events and topics such as: 1) Governor Dewey: 1951 inauguration; New York State Thruway opening, ca. 1954; 2) Governor Harriman: Whiteface Ski Center opening, 1957; 3) Governor Rockefeller: inaugurations; dedication ceremonies of St. Lawrence Seaway with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and Vice President Richard M. Nixon, 1959; Northway opening, 1959; Empire State Plaza (South Mall) model unveiling (1963), stone laying ceremony (1965), and dedication (1973); and traffic safety; 4) Governor Wilson: opening legislature, 1974; and 5) Governor Carey: visit to Israel, 1977.

13700-83A: This accretion consists of 61 video tapes of Governor Hugh L. Carey covering events and topics such as: Empire State Plaza rededication ceremonies, 1978; tour of Attica Correctional Facility; greeting released Iran hostages at Stewart Air Force Base, 1981; and interviews with Carey associates (e.g. agency heads), November 1982.

13700-97: This accretion consists of 130 video tape cassettes documenting activities of Governor Mario M. Cuomo. Events depicted include inauguration activities and oath of office; television talk show appearances; state of state addresses (1983-1985); speeches; bill signing ceremonies; budget presentation to the legislature; dedication ceremonies; and news conferences. Topics include appointment and swearing in of judges; budget; consumer and economic issues; bond issues; legal drinking age; civil rights; acid rain; awards; and AIDS.

13700-18: This accretion contains motion picture films and phonograph records relating to Governor W. Averell Harriman. The films document media appearances during his 1954 gubernatorial campaign and during his term as governor. One film contains footage of Harriman denying allegations of corruption in prior political and business affairs. These charges were major issues during Harriman's 1954 gubernatorial campaign. The second film documents an appearance by Harriman on Face the Nation during his tenure as governor, with discussion focusing on the upcoming 1956 presidential election. Two phonograph records in this accretion document a speech by Major General John R. Deane during Harriman's 1956 campaign for president. General Deane describes Harriman's work as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union during World War II.