Administrative History

The subject files were compiled by Lois J. Wilson, who was Deputy Secretary to the Governor and Special Assistant for Education in the Executive Chamber (1973-1975), and an Assistant Chief Budget Examiner in the Division of the Budget (1975 - 1983). Miss Wilson also served on or prepared data for five special task forces on state aid to school districts, and these subject files contain much relevant material. The task forces were: Task Force on Aid to Elementary and Secondary Education (1973-74), chaired by Norman Hurd; the Task Force on Aid to education (1974-75) and the Task Force on Equity and Excellence in Education (1978-1982), both chaired by Max J. Rubin; a Coordinated Study Panel on Aid to Elementary and Secondary Education (1974); and the Task on Aid to "Hurd" Cities (those whose school districts required extra aid because they were near or at their constitution tax margins).

Additional proposals for revision of state aid to schools were made during the 1970's by the Board of Regents, the Assembly, the Executive Chamber, and the Temporary State Commission on the Quality, Cost, and Finance of Elementary and Secondary Education (the Fleischman Commission).