Scope and Content Note

This accretion consists of copies of procedures manuals and handbooks, the earliest of which are the products of the Directive System Committee formed to develop a uniform method in which to issue the continuing instructions which authorize, govern, and direct departmental programs and their implementation. Over time, existing memoranda and instructions were systematically placed within this "directive system" format, as part of the policy and procedures manual or as part of a specific handbook.

15496-94: This accretion includes a three-volume departmental policies and procedures manual; handbook on administration of state land acreage (outside the forest preserve); forest tax law certification handbook (2 copies); forest inventory (mapping) handbook; state forest multiple use management plan handbook; Division of Fiscal Management procedures manual; aircraft operations handbook; aviation operations (Division of Aviation) manual; and filing system handbook. There is an alphabetical subject index at the fore of the departmental policy and procedures manual.