Scope and Content Note

16104-90: These records include correspondence files (alphabetical or chronological); topical subject files; case tracking information (including judicial assignments, court calendars, etc.); case status reports; prosecution analysis reports; legal opinions and rulings; bribery arrest authorizations; indictment files; research materials; copies of executive orders authorizing prosecutions; annual reports; news releases; and press clippings. There are also small quantities of investigative files and wiretap reports.

16104-91: In addition to the kinds of records found in accession 16104-90, this accretion includes surveys of drug defendant sentencing (1967-1974) and "Corruption Summaries" (1975-1981).

16104-92: These are additional general files primarily containing notes, press clippings, memoranda, and reference material relating to cases being investigated by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Investigation of the New York City Criminal Justice System. Records in this accretion relate to the service of Roderick C. Lankler who, while serving as chief of the trial division of Manhattan's district attorney's office, was appointed chief assistant to special state prosecutor John Keenan. Lankler was later appointed chief counsel to Arthur L. Liman's Executive Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice.

The records include a few incomplete case files which include scattered copies of affidavits, memoranda of law, and motions filed, as well as some notes apparently made by Lankler, along with related materials, in the course of his duties. There is also one file of travel vouchers and affirmations of funds disbursed to Lankler.

16104 92A: This accretion consists of audio-visual material primarily related to investigative work of the Office of Special Prosecutor. Included are 31 audio cassettes, 2 half-inch reels of videotape, and 5 reels of audio tape containing interviews, cross examinations, expert testimony, dictation and comments, and broadcast interviews and debates.