Scope and Content Note

These records were created to document the negotiation of contract agreements and were used for contract interpretation decisions and correspondence, reference, and historic purposes. These records include: contract negotiations notes; original contracts; signatures pages; side letters; memoranda of understanding; copies of union and management demands; and policy memoranda.

16223-94: This accretion consists of contract factfinding materials, draft reports, summaries, and correspondence relating to labor negotiations and legislative hearings involving the Fraternal Order of State Troopers, including troopers, non-commissioned officers, and State Police investigators. The records include issue statements submitted to fact-finding in Local 1908 negotiations (1973); copies of reports and recommendations of the factfinder; exhibits, outlines, and notes used in legislative hearings; drafts of position papers; and materials relating to improper practice (IP) charges.

16223-95: This accretion includes general data and information in support of union demands in contract negotiations (1985-1988). The records specifically document negotiations with the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA). Included are copies of memoranda of understanding with the Public Employees Federation, contract proposals, and negotiation statements and positions relating to many issues (e.g. salary, attendance) involving all CSEA bargaining units (e.g. Institutional Services Unit, Operational Services Unit).

16223-96: This accretion consists of material documenting contract negotiations with security personnel represented by American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and United University Professions (UUP). Types of material include memoranda, minute books, original signed agreements, proposals and counterproposals, contract articles, and negotiation notes.

16223-96A: This accretion contains pre-negotiation planning records; formal union and state demands; official negotiations minutes; head negotiators' minutes and notes; calendar of negotiation meetings; back-up data; subject files on selected topics; memoranda of understanding; and official signed copies of final contracts as well as routine materials (e.g., vouchers).

16223-97: This accretion consists of negotiation files for contracts with the following unions: Council 82; UUP; DMNA, CSEA, and PEF. Files consist of pre-negotiations planning records, formal union and state demands, negotiations minutes and memoranda of understanding.

16223-98: Although other groups are also represented, the bulk of this accretion consists of negotiation files for contracts with the following employee unions: Council 82; CSEA; State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Troopers, and Supervisors; Security Services; and PBA. The files include, but are not limited to tentative agreements; negotiations preparations; proposals; background data; fact finding; memoranda of understanding; and negotiation notes.

16223-98A: This accretion consists of material documenting contract negotiations with the Civil Service Employee Association (1978); security personnel represented by Council 82 (1979-1982); and (State) Police Benevolent Association Trooper and BCI units (1980-1981).

16223-00: This accretion consists of approximately twenty audio cassette tapes pertaining to Council 82 supervisors' contracts for the period 1985 through 1988.

16223-00A: This accretion consists of contract fact finding materials, draft reports, summaries, contract proposals, negotiation notes, tentative and final agreements, and correspondence relating to labor and contract negotiations. Bargaining units represented in this accretion include (but are not limited to) the United University Professions, Public Employees Federation, Civil Service Employees Association, Division of Military & Naval Affairs, and Council 82.

16223-10, 16223-10A: These accretions contain Security Services Unit documents, State/Union proposals, workers' compensation research, correspondence, meeting notes, and other routine administrative records.

16223-11, 16223-11A: These accretions contain meeting notes, agendas, research data, union proposals, correspondence, and memorandums of understanding that document Council 82 contract negotiations from 1985-1988 and 1991-1999.

16223-11B: This accretion contains meeting notes, minutes, and other records documenting negotiations with the Civil Service Employees Association.