Scope and Content Note

The series consists of records including memoranda, correspondence, reports, surveys, studies, and issue papers that were received or produced by Division of the Budget executive offices and examination units, concerning the Division's monitoring and review of state agency fiscal and other operations. The files document state agency policies and procedures and Division of the Budget oversight of agency programs, policies, and expenditures.

16520-92: The bulk of the records in this accretion concern the following organizations/agencies: Council on State Government; Governor's Conference; National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO); Department of Health; and Office of Mental Retardation. Significant issues covered by this accretion include: rate setting (especially for private care of handicapped children); indirect cost proposals and payment of services (POS); local government programs and aid; and licensing, administering, and closing of medical care facilities.

16520-95: This accretion consists of the files of Vincent LaFleche, deputy chief budget examiner. The records span thirty years of his career, during which he prepared many major studies for the Division of the Budget and for the Governor's Office of Management and Productivity; investigated issues that arose in budget proceedings for the budget director and the executive chamber, and did internal and external management consulting for the executive chamber. Some of the earliest records (1976) document the transition to the job held by his predecessor and supervisor, Bob Kerker.

16520-95: Projects and issues documented in the files include: affirmative action, civil service reform, worker's compensation, cost controls, constitutional reform, racing and wagering, radioactive waste siting, agency records management, development of information systems and use of computer technology (such as GIS and virtual reality), paperwork reduction, and audits of state agencies (e.g.Mental Hygiene, Motor Vehicles, Tax and Finance) to increase productivity and efficiency.

16520-95A: The bulk of this accretion consists of records relating to the funding of hospital building expansion/renovation; and of the Special Deputy Comptroller's reports relating to the New York City financial crisis of the 1970s and 1980s.

16520-96: This accretion contains letters, memoranda and related materials regarding the State Energy Office and State Facilities Executive Order (1990), Petroleum Overcharge Cases (1984-1989), and LILCO Energy Cooperative (1988-1989).

16520-96A: This accretion consists of files containing records on the following: Audit and Control EDP Center (1976); Study of Consultant Payment and Selection (1953-1970); Federal Grants, Coalition of Northeast Governors (1976-1981); and Public Protection Issue Papers (1982-1989).

16520-96B: This accretion consists of memos, proposals, drafts and reports related to the transfer of the Medicaid audit function from the Department of Health to the Department of Social Services and to the settlement of reimbursement rates with the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation. Also included are legal documents related to the Article 78 proceeding brought by Frederick J. Parket (Director of the Bureau of Audit and Investigation, Department of Health) against New York State to block the transfer of the Medicaid audit function.

16520-97: This accretion consists of a variety of reports, letters, memos, meeting minutes and data relating to a number of small, diverse authorities and commissions.

16520-99: This accretion consists of general subject files maintained by the division's Executive Office. Significant issues/subjects covered by this accretion include: the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority; the Inter-departmental Health Planning Commission; state fiscal reports; tallies of various state revenue collections; and the Insurance Liability Security Funds court case. The files also contain monthly reports, year-end statements, issue and analysis papers, and state economic forecasts.

16520-01: This accretion contains a variety of records documenting fiscal aspects of such issues as budget formulation, provision of health care, tax waivers, litigation, provider specific taxes, environmental quality bond acts, construction of and energy conservation in state buildings, Medicaid rates, state layoffs, and development of computer systems. Types of records contained in this accretion include financial statements, capital construction records, audits, rate appeals, briefings, and court records. A wide variety of agencies and companies are documented.

16520-14: This accretion consists of information on a variety of special studies issues. Some of the files relate to the New York State Department of Correctional Services, criminal justice issues, public safety, and law enforcement.