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Series 20592 Project maps and drawings, contains additional records of the Regulatory Programs Division related to regulation of building projects

Series 18803 Adirondack Park Agency Jurisdictional Inquiry Unit jurisdictional determination files

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Indexes by applicant name and by municipality are available.

16573-94, 16573-05, 16573-05D, 16573-06, 16573-07, 16573-08, 16573-09, 16573-09A, 16573-12, 16573-12A, 16573-12B, 16573-12C: Roll list.

16573-96, 16573-98, 16573-05A, 16573-05B: Transfer list.

16573-99: Container list and partial roll list.

16573-06, 16573-07, 16573-08, 16573-09, 16573-12, 16573-12A, 16573-12B, 16573-12C: Folder list.