Scope and Content Note

The series consists of legal files with "D" case numbers, created when an employee organization work stoppage, as reported to counsel at the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), is investigated by that office and determined to constitute a strike. Strikes by public employees are illegal under the state Taylor Law, which provides penalties. That law also created PERB to resolve government labor-management disputes.

Files may include information gathered from work stoppage investigations (the step preceding determination of a strike). In addition, there may be copies of the strike notice and charge issued by PERB counsel or the employer's chief officer; correspondence and memoranda relating to a hearing held by the Office of Public Employment Practices and Representation; the hearing officer's decision; counsel's recommendation for penalties; and PERB's final determination on penalties.

17502-92: The bulk of these records, representing 78 strike cases dating from 1967-1982, are copies of briefs or memoranda by the charging party to a hearing officer. The majority of these involve teachers' associations, with a lesser number deriving from transit, law enforcement, and other municipal public service organizations. A separate folder at the start of the accretion contains copies of approximately 125 notices of strike charges filed (as violations of Section 210.1 of the Civil Service Law) between 1972 and 1980.

17502-99A: This accretion contains the following strike case files: Yonkers (1990) CSEA; Amsterdam (1994); and Nassau County PERB (1981-1982).