Administrative Information

Custodial History

17600-18: The Department of Economic Development stored these records off-site in New Jersey for an extended period of time. They were incorrectly transferred to the New York State Museum, possibly in the early 2010s, before being transferred to the New York State Archives in 2018.

Processing Information

17600-06: These films were most likely transferred to the State Archives in January of 1993 but for some unknown reason became alienated from the original accession until they were identified and accessioned as part of the 11th floor renovation project.

17600-14: This accretion was initially accessioned as series B2493, State tourism audio-visual materials, but in 2014 was reaccessioned as an accretion to this series.

17600-14A: These records were originally transferred from the Department of Economic Development to the New York State Museum in 2005. They were later transferred to the New York State Archives in July 2014 and subsequently accessioned.

Acquistion Information

17600-14, 17600-18: These accretions were transferred under RDA 20395.

17600-14A: This accretion includes records from transfer list 050001.