Scope and Content Note

These records were created by the Bureau of Media Services for use in promoting tourism activities and industrial development for various areas of the state and their local industries. Included are various items used in the production of the films including 16mm and 35mm black and white and color motion picture films (positive and negatives), magnetic audio tape, written scripts, and editing instructions.

The following films are contained in the series: "We Like It Here" - Promotional film from Glens Falls Area - 1970; "These Are Our Neighbors" - NYS United Fund Appeal - 1953; "Show Them You Care" - NYS United Fund Appeal - 1970; "You and Your State" - Profile of NYS government services - 1946; "TV Tour #247 - Thruway" - One minute TV filler - 1963/64; "Giant on the Lake" - Buffalo - early 1970s; "Snow State Like New York" - 1967; "Long Island: The Suburban Metropolis" - 1972/73; "Winter Wonder in New York State" - pre-1964; "Ready and Waiting" - Computerized job matching - 1975-1977; "Easing The Search" - Computerized job matching - 1975-1977; "Helping Hand" - Computerized job matching - 1975-1976; "Snow Lovers Love New York" - 1979; and "My Backyard" - Southern Tier - 1974.

17600-95: These are 16mm motion picture films depicting local regional festivals, historic reenactments, tourism documentaries, "I Love New York" promotions, business publicity, and various sporting, arts, and other recreational events statewide.

17600-06: This accretion consists of three 16mm promotional films entitled "Lake Placid, the Olympic Village" undated); "Adirondack Fall Festival Footage (1983); and "County in the Clouds" (1972). The accretion also includes an annotated movie script for "County in the Clouds" which is a promotional film pertaining to Essex County. The films were apparently produced as part of the "I Love NY" promotional campaign.

17600-14: This accretion consists of black and white and color film, slides, and audio and video tapes, which promote various state and local industries. These records were used in media campaigns such as "New New York" and "Global New York" and include images of infrastructure, cityscapes, landscapes and other scenic shots.

17600-14A: This accretion consists of video tapes in a variety of formats, DLT cartridges, and a few paper records from the "I Love NY" film project. Dating from 1960 to 1999, the reels include a wide variety of celebrity endorsements, documentary footage, and promotional advertising for business people and tourists.

17600-18: This accretion consists of video and audio reels produced for New York State tourism and business marketing, created circa 1986-1991. Based on the box lists and labeling, it appears the reels were used in the production of promotional films for the Seal of Quality program. Two titles are particularly noteworthy, including "It's All You Need to Look For" and "Higher Than."