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Chronological by date of release.

Administrative History

The Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) developed the inmate history system to support operational studies, long-term program analyses and studies of inmate population trends and characteristics. The system is comprised of three sub-files: the Admission, Release, and Under Custody files.

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of the inmate history system subfile known as Release File. The release file contains detailed criminal and demographic data on all inmates released annually from DOCS facilities.

The release file contains two record types: the receiving blotter (I-2 record) for all annual releases; and the accompanying release transaction record (I-11 record) which documents the circumstances of the release.

The I-2 (receiving blotter) records describe inmate characteristics at the time of commitment and include the following information: admitting facility, reason for commitment, criminal characteristics, and personal background. The agency also used the I-2 record to gather data on special inmate subgroups such as Return Parole Violators and Admissions to Psychiatric Institutions.

The I-11 (release transaction) records document circumstances of the inmates release from prison and indicate the releasing facility, date of release, inmate name, conditions of release, and whether or not it is a first release on the sentence.

There are 12 annual I-11 files from 1956-1969, and 15 annual I-2 files from 1956-1975. The 1963, 1968, and 1970-1975 I-11 files and the 1970-1973 I-2 files are not available.

The I-11 and I-2 files can be linked using the inmate's identification number. The combined records provide a complete profile of inmates released annually from New York State prisons from 1956-1975.

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Restricted.Names of inmates are suppressed on use copy.

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"Users' Guide to the Dept. of Correctional Services Release Files, 1956-1975" (prepared by Archives staff) is available.

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