Administrative History

In April 1983, Governor Mario Cuomo appointed a Fact Finding Panel to develop objective and reliable information on the economic costs and safety of the Shoreham facility which was under construction. The panel was chaired by John H. Marburger, President of State University of New York at Stony Brook, and included 13 members representing federal, state, and county agencies, along with representatives of concerned citizens groups. Experts in aspects of nuclear technology, public health, and other areas also served on the panel.

The panel met 12 times and held four public hearings during 1983 and issued its final report in December 1983. The divergent views of panel members resulted in a final report which was not able to state any definitive view about the overall economic impact or safety of the facility. However, panel members did reach a broad consensus which, although not shared by all members, found that the Shoreham plant was "probably" located at an unsuitable site, that Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO) was unprepared for its foray into nuclear power, that further study was needed of the economic consequences of the facility, and that the state should monitor the licensing process to assure that adequate emergency preparedness plans were developed prior to opening (should it occur) of the facility. Much of the lengthy report consists of statements and reports prepared by individual panel members which present conflicting views on the costs and safety of the facility and of nuclear power in general. Upon issuance of this final report, the panel ceased operation. (See the description for series B0996, Correspondence and Background Files, for additional background on the Fact-Finding Panel.)