Scope and Content Note

The series consists of photographic prints, negatives, and a small number of slides depicting staff and facilities of the Office of Mental Health and the people it serves. They document a wide range of activities of the office and were apparently used by its Public Affairs Office to illustrate buildings and operations, and the shared projects and work environments of staff and patients.

The photographic prints are black and white and most measure 8 x 10 inches. A very few photographs and slides are color. Included are images of various state hospitals (interiors and exteriors); staff at work (budget preparation, admission procedure); individual and group portraits of officials, staff, and clients in various work (remedial reading, group psychotherapy) and recreational (state fair, Special Olympics) settings; and representations of exhibits and other special projects or events (centennial observances, employee recognition day, laying of cornerstones, patient discharge).

Two distinct indexes to the prints follow the main photographic sequence. Negatives forming one of the indexes typically measure 4.5 x 5.5 inches. The bulk are single negatives, each in an envelope on which the picture number, date, location, and subject is provided. Often, but not always, the name of the photographer is also given.

Also present is a one-volume register of negatives. Negatives are listed in manuscript by consecutive number, along with date, location, and description of the image.

19131-11: This accretion consists of photographs documenting Office of Mental Health facility buildings that were to be demolished or extensively renovated. Buildings were located at the following facilities: Rochester Psychiatric Center, Buffalo Psychiatric Center, Binghamton Psychiatric Center, Willard Psychiatric Center, and the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.

19131-11A: Many photographs in this accretion depict activities, equipment, and group shots of fire and safety staff of Brooklyn State Hospital, Central Islip Psychiatric Center, Kings Park State Hospital, Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, Pilgrim State Hospital (later Pilgrim Psychiatric Center), Rockland Psychiatric Center, and St. Lawrence State Hospital. Other photographs depict facilities, some construction, and some patient activities of Hudson River State Hospital, State Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane, and Kings Park State Hospital.