Administrative Information

Custodial History

A0612-18: The records in this accretion were transferred to Syracuse University by Governor Harriman in 1959, and were transferred to the New York State Archives in 2006. They were accessioned in July 2018.

Processing Information

A0612-09: The records in this accretion were most likely transferred to the State Archives by the State Library in 1978. At some point prior to that date, these records became alienated from similar records accessioned as A0612-78. The alienated records were originally accessioned as part of record series A0525, New York State Comptroller's Office Assorted Records. The records were returned to series A0612 in 2009.

A0612-18: These records were mistakenly accessioned as part of series B2656, Counsel to the Governor Appointment Files. Later observation of the records revealed that they are homogenous with the types of materials in series A0612. The records were reaccessioned as A0612-18 in August 2018.