Scope and Content Note

Three volumes contain carbon copies of affidavits of annexed notices of appropriations of property by the state.

The affidavit is signed by an employee of the Department of Public Works (on behalf of the Superintendent of Public Works) and states that the Department under a law of 1903 has annexed the lands described and is thereby informing the owner of the land in writing as the Department has been unable to reach the owner in person.

These affidavits contain detailed descriptions of the land to be appropriated by the State for barge canal purposes pursuant to laws of 1903, 1909, and 1911.

An insert in the beginning of volume 1905-1911 dated March 13, 1905 entitled "Procedure in taking possession of lands under Chapter 147 of the Laws of 1903" describes in detail the procedures and policies involved.

Volumes for 1912-1913 and 1914-1916 are on printed forms.