Scope and Content Note

This series consists of one bound volume which contains the names of individuals who purchased land scrip from Comptroller Lucius Robinson between January 14, 1864 and November 24, 1865.

These entries contain the date the transaction was recorded, name of purchaser, residence (city and state), number of pieces of scrip purchased, total number of acres purchased (each scrip equaled 160 acres) purchase price and scrip numbers. The scrip was issued according to the provisions of a law of 1863 which authorized the comptroller to sell the land scrip for the purpose of establishing a land grant college.

In addition to the names of purchasers, the volume contains copies of agreements, contracts and resolutions made between the state and Ezra Cornell. These entries mostly pertain to the purchase of unsold scrip by Cornell. At the end of the volume (seven leaves from the end) there are two pages of accounting entries dealing with Ezra Cornell. One page lists debits (November 24, 1865 - October 20, 1874) and the other credits (May 26, 1866 - August 12, 1874) as they relate to Cornell's purchase of large quantities of scrip.