Scope and Content Note

The volume (labeled variously as "Loan Commissioner Book" and "Index Book Y") combines an index to names of mortgagees (referenced to pages in an unspecified ledger) with lists of sale of state lands, and bank accounts held by unidentified loan commissioners. Neither the purpose nor the author of the entries is known.

Names of "mortgagers" appear alphabetically throughout the volume, with entries also showing number and amount of principal paid (using check marks for years 1902-1910). Also appearing at various points in the volume are lists of lands "bid for the state" at foreclosure sales, showing mortgage number, name, town, acres, remarks, "date bid in" and principal amount; lists of accounts with loan commissioners (1901-1902) at the Oneida County Savings Bank and the Rome Savings Bank; and a record of state lands sold in 1901 in accordance with Chapter 413 of the Laws of 1897, as amended in 1898.