Scope and Content Note

Census forms provide detailed information on almshouse and poorhouse inmates: date admitted (includes admissions from as early as 1826); sex; age; color; marital status; birthplace; last residence (1906-1921 only); how long in the U.S.; how long in the state (New York); at what port landed (1875-1905 only); if "head money" paid (1875-1905 only); if naturalized; when and where naturalized (1906-1921 only); birthplace of father; birthplace of mother; inmate's education (e.g. "read and write";"none"); habits (if temperate or intemperate); habits of father; occupation of father; habits of mother (1875-1905 only); if parents dependent or self-supporting; if grandparents, brother, sisters, and other relatives dependent or self-supporting (1875-1905 only); inmate's occupation; religion (1906-1921 only); if a parent, how many children living (1875-1905 only); health and dependency of children (1875-1905 only); what labor inmate can perform; if inmate has received public relief; if inmate has received private relief; if parents or other relatives have received relief (1875-1905 only); if inmate was previously in an institution; name and address of relatives or friends (1906-1921 only); and prospects for self-sufficiency (1875-1905 only).

Although the bulk of the series is dated 1875 to 1921, some institutions are not documented for the entire time period. Forms from 1875 to the mid 1890s are in bound volumes; later forms are not bound. The census date is not identifiable for these loose forms. They are grouped at the end of each county or city by inmate admission date.