Scope and Content Note

This volume contains forms completed by poorhouse officials from most New York counties.

The forms were sent to the secretary of the Board of Charities, who reported to the Board the names of children transferred from poorhouses to orphanages, apprenticeships, or families willing to act as guardians. The volume contains "General Inquiry" forms and "Personal Inquiry" forms. The "General Inquiry" form provides the following information about an institution: name of institution; number of children in institution; number of children admitted during the year; number under two years old; number over two and under ten years old; number over ten and under sixteen years old; number under age two and number two to sixteen years old placed with families, orphanages, reformatories, or other institutions; total under sixteen years old placed outside the poorhouse; and signature of the county superintendent of the poor or the keeper of the institution.

A "Personal Inquiry" form was completed for each child placed outside the institution. "Personal Inquiry" forms contain the following information: child's name; sex; age; if native or foreign born; if orphan, half-orphan, or parents living; physical condition; how long in institution before being placed; if placed with a family, the occupation of the head of that family; health since leaving; if has adequate food and clothing; occupation; amount of progress in school since leaving; if receiving moral and religious training; if surrounding influences are good, doubtful, or bad; if child is doing well, fairly, doubtful, or badly; if has run away or otherwise left guardianship and, if so, where the child is now; if child died since leaving; and signature of the superintendent of the poor or the keeper of the institution.