Register of new and paroled inmates

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New York State Archives

New York State Education Department

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This series consists of a register of new and paroled inmates of the State Agricultural and Industrial School. Information for new inmates includes name; religion and assigned colony Information for paroled inmates includes name, parole date, colony, and sometimes inventory of inmate clothes. Also included is a listing of colonies by colony type, which includes number of beds, wall dimensions, dormitory cubic footage, and size and number of windows. Records are restricted.
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Chronological by approximate date admitted or date paroled.

Scope and Content Note

This register is comprised of two lists placed side-by-side.

On each left-hand (even-numbered) page is a list of newly-admitted inmates providing: name; religion; colony to which assigned; and date: there is no indication of to what the date refers, but it is usually within a few days or weeks of the date inmate was received and may be the date on which he took residence in the colony.

On each right-hand (odd-numbered) page is a list of paroled inmates providing: name; date paroled; colony; and sometimes an inventory of inmate's clothing (number of coats, pants, shirts, etc.).

Names on both lists were assigned numbers, but there is no indication of the purpose of the numbers; they are not inmate case file numbers, and numbers are reused for different inmates.

In the front of the volume is a one-page listing of colonies under headings for "Type" 1-5: type apparently referred to size of the building. The list provides: type number; colonies listed under each type; and for each type: number of beds, number and size of windows, dimensions of walls, dormitory area in cubic feet, and floor area in square feet.

These are not official records of the school's inmates or colonies and, although they all appear to be in the same hand, there is no indication of who recorded them or for what purpose.

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Access Restrictions

Restricted in accordance with Executive Law, Section 501-c(1)(b), relating to confidentiality of individuals in custody of the Division for Youth (now Office of Children and Family Services).

Custodial History

The volume also contains series A3064, Minutes of the Benefit Association of the Civil Service Employees of Industry, N.Y.

The Department of Social Welfare placed these records on loan to the Syracuse University Library from 1960-1977.

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