Scope and Content Note

These monthly reports were submitted to the Governor's office in accordance with legislation of 1908 (Chapter 246) and 1909 (Consolidated Laws, Chapter 18) amending sections of the Executive Law (Laws of 1892, Chapter 683) which specified fees to be collected and information to be reported by county clerks.

The reports provide the following categories of information: date (sometimes); appointments revoked by failure to qualify (names and addresses); qualified as a notary for the county during the month (names and addresses); amount paid upon qualifying; amount retained by county clerk; open appointments (names and addresses of persons appointed as notaries who had not yet qualified but whose time to qualify did not expire during the month); certificate filed (names and addresses of notaries holding an appointment in another county who filed a certificate indicating such from the clerk of that county, along with a certified copy of the appointment, allowing them to act as a notaries in this county as well); and amount paid upon filing certificate.