Scope and Content Note

This series is one of two that extensively document the War of 1812 claims application and settlement process. The primary difference between the two is that records in this series (A3352) consist of claim applications submitted by, or on behalf of, War of 1812 veterans who fought in New York militia and volunteer units in order to authenticate their military service and personal "expenses incurred" for the war effort (L. 1859, Ch. 176). By contrast, related series A0020, War of 1812 certificates of claim and related records, documents the review and adjustment of claims submitted to the Adjutant General's Office, which occurred after the initial claim applications were processed. Series A3352 documents claimants who resided in New York State and in other states at the time they applied for reimbursement, whereas the bulk of series A0020, because of an 1869 law requiring claimants to live within New York State in order to receive payment, documents mostly in-state claimants.

Each application form ("declaration") in this series contains the following sections: the claimant's statement relating military service during the war as well as expenses incurred for clothing, supplies, and equipment; a statement of the justice of the peace attesting to the accuracy of the information provided by the claimant; and a statement of the county clerk, attesting to the genuineness of the justice of the peace before whom the claimant appeared. The applications contain the following detailed information about the claimant and his War of 1812 service: name (if deceased, name of widow, executor, or administrator is given and a copy of court documentation is attached); age; residence (town, county, and state); rank held during war; company served in; regiment served in; commander of regiment; where the soldier served during war; dates of service; term of service; Land Warrant number and corresponding number of acres soldier received from the United States government under the federal bounty land acts of 1850 and 1855; amount expended for clothing, equipment, and supplies furnished for the war effort (broken down by item); transportation expenses; and total amount of the claim.

In addition to applications submitted by white claimants, the series also includes those submitted by Indians who served in the war and were entitled to receive reimbursement for clothing, equipment, and supplies pursuant to Chapter 176 of the Laws of 1859.