Scope and Content Note

This series reveals how the Salvage Division coordinated the activities of various businesses, agencies, publicity organizations, schools, waste processors and dealers, and individuals that were involved in salvage efforts across the State.

The series includes: letters detailing policies and procedures and describing salvage priorities; congratulatory letters sent from the Salvage Division; requests to the division for printed publicity materials; news releases from the United States Office of Price Administration regarding price ceilings on waste products; news releases from the United States Office of Defense Transportation, and letters to that office regarding the Salvage Division's recommendations about individual applications for extra gas or vehicle allotments; releases from the regional office of the United States War Production Board regarding travel regulations; instructional and promotional materials such as booklets, leaflets, newspaper clippings, advertisement mats, and corporate in-house publications; and routine housekeeping records such as the travel vouchers of the executive secretary and his assistant.