Scope and Content Note

These are materials and instructions for psychological testing of inmates, carried out pursuant to Section 140 of the Correction Law requiring a determination of the physical and mental condition of inmates. Included in the series are Wechsler block design and picture completion and arrangement cards and blocks; Goldstein-Scheerer Object Scoring, Cube, and Stick tests; mechanical assembly tests; Porteus tests (mazes); hand tool dexterity test; Howard Thematic Apperception Test; blank test and score sheets; WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) Manual; completed written tests; instructions; test catalogues; psychologists' semi-annual reports of whether or not inmates' work in various prison workshops was satisfactory; personality inventories (inmates' yes or no answers to questions); psychologists' examination reports (describe test results, comment on test findings, give psychologists' impressions); and charts of inmates tested (name, location, tests and date).