New York State Adjutant General's Office War of 1812 Abstracts of Payrolls for New York State Militia ("Payroll Cards")

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This series consists of payroll cards for soldiers of the New York militia who served in the War of 1812. Each card lists: name; rank; "organization" in which the soldier served, including the specific company name; amount paid; dates paid; and "remarks," which generally provides the payroll and/or voucher number that corresponds to the soldier and other information on his military service.
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This series consists of payroll cards for soldiers of the New York militia who served in the War of 1812. The information listed on the payroll cards was abstracted from the payrolls contained in Series B0811, Transcriptions of War of 1812 payrolls for New York State Militia units. At the bottom of each of these cards is the number of the payroll from which it was abstracted and often the name of the paymaster and the respective voucher number.

The cards contain information on the following: name of soldier; soldier's rank; "organization" in which the soldier served, including the specific company name; amount paid; dates paid; and "remarks." In addition to providing the payroll number and/or voucher number, the "remarks" section may contain such information as service notes and other data such as the soldier's residence and discharge information.

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These records were transferred to the New York State Archives by the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.

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Accretion: B0810-85
Abber, Simon – Allen, Samuel C. 1
Allen, Seneca – Austen, John 2
Austin, Agripa – Bakwell, George 3
Balbot, John – Bernard, John 4
Barrett, Frederick – Becraft, A. 5
Bedall – Benson 6
Bent, Elijah – Blackstone, Ebenezer 7
Blackwell, Elisha – Bonney, Walter 8
Bonny, Josiah – Brasington, Samuel 9
Brass, Abraham – Brooks, Matthew 10
Brotherton, Joseph – Brumley, Benj 11
Brumley, Eli – Burns, John 12
Burns, John B – Camp, Braddock 13
Camp, Elisha – Carterer, Ira 14
Cartler, Peter – Chapman, William S 15
Chappel, Asa – Clark, Jesse 16
Clark, Jno E. – Cody, Lyman 17
Coe, Alven – Concklin, Daniel 18
Concklin, David – Cooper, Peter R 19
Cooper, Philip M – Cramer, Marcus 20
Cramer. Martin – Cruzer, Abraham 21
Cubberly, James – Darling, Sylvester 22
Darling, Thomas – Decker, Simeon 23
Decker, Simmons – DeWitt, John 24
Dewitt, John – Dorsett, Abraham 25
Dorsey, Abraham – Duncan, Robert 26
Dunkin – Eddington, Aaron 27
Eddy, Aaron – Englesby, Adney 28
English, David – Fazer, Nathan 29
Feagles, Henry – Fitzgerald, Jeremi 30
Fitzgerald, John – Fox, Calvin 31
Fox, Champion – Furguson, John 32
Furguson, Robert – George, Henry 33
George, Jno – Golden, Percival 34
Gononque, Joseph – Greaves, Marcus 35
Green, - Gurisher, Charles 36
Gurley, Charles – Halsey, John 37
Halsey, Josiah – Hart, John 38
Hart, John – Hecks, Stephen 39
Hecock, Erastus – Heymer, John 40
Heynee, Henry – Hitchcock, Theodore 41
Hitchcock, Warren – Hopper, Andrew G 42
Hopper, Ausil – Hoyt, William 43
Hoyt, Zacharias – Hyatt, James 44
Hyatt, John – Jennings, Ebenezer 45
Jennings, Elisha – Jones, Salman 46
Jones, Salomon – Kent, John V. 47
Kent, Joseph – Klinck, John G 48
Kline, Frederick – Lansing, Andrew 49
Lansing, Benjamin – Lence, Jacob 50
Lenderman, Jacob – Lockland, Asa B 51
Lockland, William – Lydle, John 52
Lovet, Nathan – Marsh, Alvan 53
Marsh, Alvin – McCarty, James 54
McCarty, John – McKelvey, James 55
McKelvey, John – Merenus, John 56
Meriam, Ela – Mills, Ira 57
Mills, Ira – Morrow, W. 58
Morrow, William – Munrow, Tilly W. 59
Munsel, William – Nichols, James 60
Nichols, James B. – Oldin, Richard 61
Oldridge, Seth – Paine, Peter 62
Paine, Rueben – Patrie, Jost 63
Patrige, James O – Perkins, Thomas 64
Perine, William, E – Pierce, Samuel 65
Pierce, Silas – Powell, Joseph 66
Powell, Joshua W. – Randall, Jared 67
Randall, Jared – Reynolds, Elisha 68
Reynolds, Enoch F. – Risden, Almen 69
Risdon, David – Rogers, Ralph 70
Rogers Robert A – Rush, David C. 71
Rush, Gilbert – Sawyer, Dudley 72
Sawyer, Ebenezer – Secor, Jacob J. 73
Secor, James – Shell, Jacob 74
Shell, John – Simonson, Peter 75
Simonson, Raron – Smith, Elezer T. 76
Smith, Eliaas – Smith, William 77
Smith, William – Sprague, Dependenc 78
Sprague, Elkanoh – Sternburgh, Abrah 79
Sternburgh, Peter – Stoughton, Jame 80
Sroughton, Samuel – Sylvester, Pete 81
Sylvester, Richard – Thomas, Abraham 82
Thomas, Adam –Toby, John J. 83
Toby, Philip – Tucker, Zachariah 84
Tuers, Abraham, – VanAuken, John 85
Vanauker, Richard W – VanOrden, David 86
VanKeuren, Abraham M – Voorhees, Ab 87
Voorhys, Abraham – Ward, Samuel 88
Ward. Stephen – Weaver, Jonathan 89
Weaver, Nathan – Westlake, James 90
Westlake, Stephen – Whittom, Artamu 91
Whittom, Artemus – Williams, Lester 92
Williams, Levi – Whitewright, William 93
Withbeck, Zachariah – Wordin, James 94
Worden, James – Zubi (Zuble), 6 misc 95