Scope and Content Note

This series consists of aerial photographs taken to produce overlay maps for the LUNR and LRIS projects. Prints of these aerial photographs were hand coded to show general and specific use of land. Overlays were then produced from the coded prints for use by government and private planning, development, and conservation agencies.

The photographs were taken at a scale of 1" equals 2,000' (1:24,000). Each print is approximately 9" x 9" square and contains the flight date and a photo identification number. The high resolution of the prints makes discernible such features as agricultural land, forest land, waterways, residential developments, commercial/industrial developments, buildings, roads, and sometimes vehicles.

B1052-87, 1967-1968: This accretion comprises the bulk of the series. This is a nearly complete set of prints of aerial photographs taken for the LUNR Inventory in 1967 and 1968, covering all of Upstate New York. No prints from the 1969-1970 photography of New York City and Long Island are included.

This accretion also includes a set of 129 photomosaic index maps indicating the geographic location of each of the 1968 photographs. The index maps have a scale of 1" equals 5,000'. The photo identification number of each print is visible on the index maps, providing direct access to the numerically arranged prints. A key index map indicates the geographic area covered by each photomosaic index map.

B1052-88, 1968-1974: This accretion consists of high-altitude photographs of Broome and Tioga counties and low-altitude (scale 1:20,000) photographs of Broome, Tioga, and Cortland counties. There are also some supplementary LUNR photographs of Broome and Tioga counties from the 1968 aerial photography. Some of the prints have land use classification coding written on them in ink. Also included are two rolls of original photonegatives of Broome and Tioga counties taken for the LRIS pilot project in 1974. There are also some unidentified sheet negatives, including a few color negatives.