Scope and Content Note

The majority of information found in the 442 volumes consists of survey notes and sketches. Other types of information include solar observations, triangulation observations, and observations of zenith distances, measurements and computations. Some or all of the following information can be found in each field book: surveyors name; name of assistant(s); name and/or lot number of the locality or landmark; and date the survey was conducted, completed and/or filed. Many of the field books contain notes, topographical sketches, and letters tipped-in or inserted between the pages. Indexes, legends, and conversion tables are often found either in the front or back of the volumes, sometimes bound or tipped in. A few of the volumes contain journal-type entries which focus primarily on the survey work, descriptions of location, weather, and daily activities. There is a distinct subset of volumes known as the "T" volumes (nos. 417 to 442) that consist of surveys conducted using a theodolite; a survey instrument used for the measurement of horizontal and vertical angles.

The fieldbooks are arranged by volume number and are roughly grouped together chronologically and by geographic location. The bulk of the field books are bound in leather with summary/title information printed and/or written on the cover. At the time of reformatting onto microfilm, volumes were renumbered consecutively for ease reference. Three volumes were found to be missing or were never transferred and volume 132 has only a cover extant.

B1406-18: This accretion consists of original field books.