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This series consists of court papers, and correspondence relating to legal proceedings involving patients at the Willard State Hospital. Material includes notices, petitions, transcripts and affidavits relating to appointing representatives for legally committed patients to manage their property and affairs including estate settlements, release of dower rights; attempts to secure payments, and other legal matters. Records are restricted.
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[ca. 1900-1948]
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Alphabetical by last name of patient.

Scope and Content Note

The series consists of various court papers for legal proceedings involving patients at the Willard State Hospital (formerly Willard Asylum). The bulk of material includes notices, petitions, affidavits, and transcripts by which the superintendent of the hospital applies for "a committee of the person and estate" to be appointed as representative of legally committed ("alleged incompetent") patients. Other applications involve matters of estate settlement, release of dower rights, attempts to secure payments, or other agreements to which a legally committed patient is a party in a legal matter. Envelopes or covers of the documents may show the patient's date of death, case number, and/or references to case books or other records.

B1430-02: This accretion consists of copies of petitions of the Superintendent of Willard State Hospital to the Supreme Court for special proceedings to appoint committees to manage the property and persons of individual incompetents committed to the hospital. Orders granting the appointments are also included. This accretion also contains correspondence and copies of correspondence among the Assistant Attorney General, the Superintendent of Willard, the Hospital Attorney, the local county clerk's office, and a special financial agent of the Dept. of Mental Hygiene concerning matters relative to the appointment of committees (trustees) for incompetent patients, and court authorizations and cancellations of payment of patient expenses.

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Restricted to protect personal privacy.Access permitted under certain conditions upon application and approval by the State Archives.

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