Scope and Content Note

This series consists of daily census records created by the Willard State Hospital (earlier the Willard Asylum for the Insane) to keep an accurate daily account of numbers of patients admitted, discharged, and the total population. Information and format of the records vary over time. Numerical information for each month is recorded on a separate page and further categorized by ward, unit or building and by patient gender. Also recorded for each month are daily average patient population (male and female), and number of patients remaining at the end of the month in each unit or building.

Other information regularly recorded includes thermometer readings; wind direction; general weather conditions; and daily remarks. The daily remarks typically concern visitors; services or entertainment programs held; departures, destinations, and return of staff; deaths of staff or patients; weather; meetings; unusual boat traffic and conditions on Seneca Lake; and other events and activities.

In the earlier reports a quarterly daily average and a quarterly summary is given (by gender, and total) for number discharged, number admitted, number remaining whole number treated, and net increase or net decrease. Discharges are further categorized as recovered; improved; unimproved; died; and total.

Also written or tipped into the fly leaves of earlier volumes is a wide variety of material including newspaper clippings; correspondence; maps; autographs; directions for operating and maintaining equipment; resolutions; playbills for entertainment at Willard; notes on expenditures, costs and appropriations; formulas for cleaning solutions; and other brief notes.

One volume of general summaries of day reports (December 1873-November 1877) is included in the series. Summaries consist of a detailed report for each day of the month recorded on a separate page. They are categorized by department (Main, Branch, and Detached Building) and by gender. The summaries contain the following statistical information: number of patients; number sick; number taking medicine; numbers wet and dirty (by day and night); numbers admitted, discharged, and dead; number under restraint; type of restraint; and number employed. Places of employment of patients are also listed (farm, garden, laundry, kitchen, etc.) and numbers categorized by gender. Special incidents during the day are also noted (such as altercations, profanity, unusual conditions, names of patients restrained, reasons for restraining patients, and types of restraints used).

One volume (1873-1891) detailing daily statistics and activities only for the Detached Buildings is included in this series. Each page of the volume shows one monthly record with daily statistics given for numbers of patients admitted, discharged (or escaped, transferred, or died), and remaining. Names of patients and date of event are listed in a separate column with remarks (escaped while at work, transferred to asylum, etc.).

B1458-02: This accretion consists of copies of monthly census reports submitted to the Dept. of Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Statistics for the years 1955-1967. Also included for each month are daily average numbers of patients in restraints and seclusion. Numbers of children less than sixteen years of age at the institution are also included in separate reports. Other separate reports indicate the numbers of patients in open and closed wards and numbers of patients with grounds privileges (1957-1967).

B1458-14: This accretion contains daily census reports for 1979-1995 created by Willard Psychiatric Center. The reports contain the name, location, and case file numbers of patients.