Scope and Content Note

B1479-96: This series consists of bound volumes of annual reports of the Board of Managers (1843-1926) and the Board of Visitors (1926-1942) of the New York State Lunatic Asylum (later Utica State Hospital). As required over the years, the reports were transmitted to the legislature (1843-1895); to the State Commission on Lunacy (1896-1911); to the State Hospital Commission (1912-1926); or to the Department of Mental Hygiene (1927-1942). Chapter 135 of the Laws of 1842 organized the State Lunatic Asylum at Utica and amended earlier statutes relating to the safe-keeping of lunatics and their estates.

Each annual report contains a report from the Board of Managers, an abstract of the Treasurer's report, and a report of the superintendent. The report from the Board of Managers provides general information and recommendations regarding conditions, progress, and comments concerning notable events or changes at the institution. The report of the Treasurer consists of an itemized summary of receipts and payments. The Superintendent's report contains statistics describing numbers and conditions of patients admitted, discharged, and remaining; numbers of patients by counties of origin; sources of patient support; total and average weights of patients; ages; ages when insanity commenced; civil conditions; occupations; places of nativity; and supposed causes of insanity.

Also included are reports of the superintendent on recent mental health studies and theories of causes of mental illness; definitions and classifications of insanity; observations of typical and unusual cases; descriptions of the facilities, operations, and business of the institution; and laws passed by the legislature relative to insane persons.

B1479-98: This accretion consists of 22 paperbound annual reports. Unlike the original accession, each volume covers a single year.