Arranged in 9 subseries: Subseries 1, Audiotapes and Scripts of "Kids and Health" Weekly Radio Show, 1986-1990; Subseries 2, Audiotapes of SDC Sponsored Programs, 1990; Subseries 3, Audio Files and Documents used in SDC Programs, ca. 1979-1990; Subseries 4, Promotional Video Tapes, 1987-1994; Subseries 5, Slides and Slide Shows of SDC Daily Activities, ca.1974-1994; Subseries 6, Photographs of Staff and Student Daily Activities, ca. 1970s-1990s; Subseries 7, Photo Albums Documenting SDC Events, ca. 1976-1980,; Subseries 8, Contact Sheets of Daily SDC Activities, ca. 1970s-1990s; and Subseries 9, Motion Picture Films of SDC Events and Residents, 1976-1980.

Subseries 1:Audiotapes are arranged roughly numerically; scripts are unarranged.

Subseries 2:Roughly chronological by month.

Subseries 3, 4, and 9:Roughly chronological.

Subseries 5:Bound volumes are by topic or activity; unbound slides are unarranged; slide shows are chronological.

Subseries 6:Arranged by subject or topic.

Subseries 7:Arranged in albums, roughly chronological or by subject, activity, or program.

Subseries 8:Mounted in eight binders, in no apparent order.