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This series consists of a Syracuse State School's record of patient surgeries. Typical procedures include appendectomy, suturing, tonsillectomy. Entries include type of operation; date; patient name; surgeon; surgical assistant; anesthetist (sometimes), and nurse. Early listings note patient's sex; religion; type of anesthetic and time of the operation. For more complex cases, specific procedures are noted, along with surgical findings. Records are restricted.
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Chronological by date of surgery.

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This series is a record of operations (surgeries) performed on patients from the Syracuse State School, with manuscript entries apparently made by the surgeon. Entries for typical procedures (e.g., appendectomy, suturing, tonsillectomy) include the date the operation was performed; type of operation; and names of patient, surgeon, surgical assistant, anesthetist (sometimes), and nurse.

The earliest entries (1927-1930) are one-line listings that also note patient's sex, religion, the type of anaesthetic (ether, novocaine, etc.), and time of the operation. Starting in 1930, this format changes to a very brief summary, in manuscript, of the surgery. For more complex cases, specific procedures of the operation are noted, along with surgical findings. Rarely, mention is made of the patient's post-operative condition. Later entries (ca. 1945-1951) document the practice of scheduling several patients for the same type of surgery (typically removal of tonsils and adenoids, called "T & A") on the same day.

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Restricted pursuant toMental Hygiene Law, Sect. 33.13 and Public Officers Law (Freedom of Information Law), Sect. 87.2.

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