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These small (4.5 x 7 inches) volumes record time and attendance of workers, presumably at the Syracuse State School (the time books carry no institutional designation). There are no records for the years 1940-1942, 1956-1958, 1963-1965, and information is missing from some months within the date span represented (1935-1969), perhaps due to fiscal year reckoning.

Three changes in recordkeeping are apparent in the series. Volume 1 (1935-1939) shows names, total time, and the rate (of pay) per day. Simple checkmarks under dates record attendance; the letter "P" designates pass days, and occasional notes give reasons for other absences.

In Volumes 2 -4 (1943-1955) an abbreviation key system is used and an employee number appears before each name. A summary column gives totals according to the key/legend. Key letters represent pass days (P), vacation (V), sick or absent from hospital (SA), at hospital (S), leave of absence at hospital (LA), leave of absence from hospital (LM), on duty (D), and jury duty (JD).

The key/legend changes in Volumes 5 and 6 (1959-1969). Letters represent hours on duty (D); off duty (OD), leave without pay (LWoP), paid leave (PL), pass (P), vacation (V), sick at hospital (SH), and sick or absent from hospital (SA). The summary section follows according to this new legend.

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