Administrative History

Dr. Persia Campbell, a former professor of economics at Queens College, was appointed consumer counsel by Governor W. Averell Harriman on January 19, 1955. For many years, Dr. Campbell had been supporting the interests of consumers as an advisor for New York City and the federal government and in her association with non-governmental consumer organizations and activities. Her many activities included the directorship of consumer services for the New York Civil Defense Voluntary Organization during the early part of World War II and later membership on the Consumers' Advisory Committee of the President's Council of Economic Advisors.

The primary function of the consumer counsel was to advise the governor on matters affecting the consumer interest from a consumer point of view; to support and coordinate the consumer services being carried out by various state agencies and to define and represent the consumer interest before these state agencies; to assist all efforts to increase the competence of the public as consumers; and to protect consumers from fraud and misrepresentation through cooperation with mass media and communication and cooperation with private groups and organizations.