Scope and Content Note

This series consists of annual financial statements made by the Register, Assistant Register, and Clerks of the Chancery Circuits pursuant to the 127th rule of the court.

These statements were submitted to an Injunction or Taxing Master who was required to audit them, certify to their accuracy, and file them with the Chancellor or the appropriate Vice Chancellor. Each statement contains a listing by suit or matter of funds in possession of the court. Entries in this list consist of: the title of the suit or matter; the date the monies were received; the amount of money received broken down by amount in cash held by the court, the amount on deposit with the banks (with names of banks usually included), and the amount invested with type of investment usually specified. Statements also contain a list of deposits including date of deposit and title of suit with the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, a list of all bonds, mortgages and other investments held by the court including those for the benefit of suitors as well as the certification and report of the auditing Master. Statements vary greatly in format from circuit to circuit.