Scope and Content Note

This series consists mainly of copies of orders and decrees issued by the Royal Governor or Lieutenant Governor acting in his capacity as chancellor. It also includes minutes of proceedings, copies of master's reports, and other material relevant to the business of the court. The first three volumes (1701-1702, 1705-1708, and 1720-1735) contain mostly orders and decrees, with some entries that record other proceedings in Chancery. Volume four (1748-1770) contains orders, decrees, masters' reports, and testimony.

The heading for each decree, order, or other record contains the names of the parties in the case, the chancellor (royal governor or lieutenant governor), the Colonial Council members in attendance, and the reigning British monarch, as well as the date (often in regnal years) and location of the proceedings. The names of the parties in the case, the name of the British monarch, and the date of the proceedings are rendered in Latin in the volumes covering the years 1701-1708.

The information in the main body of each entry in this series varies. Decrees usually contain some detailed information about the case and the determination of the court. Orders vary as to case information. Additional information about cases is contained in master's reports and minutes of proceedings where they appear.

The last volume in this series, covering the years 1748-1770, generally contains the minutes of all court proceedings. These minutes give considerable detailed information about cases including the arguments of lawyers and the reports of masters and testimony.