Scope and Content Note

This series consists of draft and file copies of balance sheets on accounts deposited with and lists of bonds and mortgages held by the Register and Assistant Register. These documents were submitted to the court at each session until 1839 when they were superseded by Annual Statements of Accounts of the Register, Assistant Register and Clerks.

Each balance sheet is identified as to whether it was produced by the Register or Assistant Register and the date of court session. Each contains a listing by case of the balance in its account. The balance sheets usually include a statement of the total amount of money on deposit with the court, broken down by cash on hand, amount on deposit in various banks, and amount invested. Sometimes each investment is listed separately. Reports of bonds and mortgages held by the Register are included in this series after 1883. Each entry on these lists contains: the name of the mortgagor or obligor; the name of the Register, Clerk, or Master originally receiving the bond or mortgage, and date received; the amount of penalty in case of default; the amount and conditions of the loan; the title of the suit or fund from which the money was derived; and the person or fund to which interest on the loan is paid.