Scope and Content Note

Seven registers contain summary information about bonds filed in the New York County Clerk’s Office, by parties to cases in the Supreme Court of Judicature, prior to July 1, 1847, and after that date in the Supreme Court (New York County). Entries in the earlier registers include the date of filing, surnames of the plaintiff and defendant or the petitioner, and the type of bond filed. Later registers include the full names of the parties, purpose of bond, by whom acknowledged, and the last name of the justice or other officer approving the bond. Bonds were filed by guardians, receivers, trustees, and other agents of the court, and to secure payment of court costs, obtain an injunction or an order of attachment, etc. Bonds were filed by the appellant who obtained a writ of error (before July 1, 1847) or appealed a judgment (after July 1, 1847); if the defendant appealed, his name appears first.