New York State Assembly Members' Bill Introduction Books

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This series contains a record of the introduction and subsequent progress of every bill introduced in the Assembly during legislative session. It includes information from introduction to when it was delivered to the Governor and its final disposition. In addition to tracking its progress each bill includes: by whom and when introduced; Senate reprint number of Assembly bill, title; first , second and third readings; when sent to and returned from Senate; when delivered to Governor; chapter number; and remarks.
45 cu. ft. (76 volumes)
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Chronological by: year, then alphabetic by member, then chronological by date of bill introduction.

Scope and Content Note

This series provides easy access to a record of the bills introduced by each member. These books contain a record of the introduction and subsequent progress of every bill introduced in the Assembly during a legislative session.

The volumes contain the following information for each bill: date of introduction; by whom introduced; numbers: introductory; printers, Senate reprint number of Assembly bill; title; first reference (name of committee); second reading; when ordered to second reading; third reading; when ordered to third reading; rules report date; amend and recommit (date); amend on 2nd reading or 3rd reading (date); when passed, delivered to Senate; when returned from Senate amended; Senate amendments concurred; when returned from Senate; dates sent to City Clerk and returned by Mayor (1911-1923 only); delivered to Governor: when, when recalled, when returned to Governor; stricken Senate bill substituted reception number; chapter number; and remarks (e.g., died in Assembly, returned from Senate dead, passed and became Chapter [number listed]).

The series is valuable as a record of the number and subjects of bills introduced by each member and of how successful each member was in getting bills enacted into law.

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Series L0053, Assembly members' bill introduction books, contain identical information arranged by bill number. L0057, Assembly bills progress registers, contains similar information.

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