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The series contains two groups of survey forms sent by the Committee in examining labor unions. Surveys solicited information from labor unions and from employers regarding experiences with independent unions. Also included is correspondence, copies of contracts, union constitutions and by-laws and a card file of with name and address of labor leaders and labor unions in New York.
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Alphabetic by name of union or employer.

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The series principally contains two groups of survey forms sent by the committee in examining labor unions. This was done as part of its work in examining the nature of employer/employee relations.

The first group contains approximately 50 two-page survey forms from employers regarding experiences with independent unions. Survey forms contain employer opinions on the following: the effectiveness of the union in promoting good labor relations; differences in attitudes of workers since joining the union; reasons why employees join independent unions rather than local affiliates of national unions; and employer preferences for either independent or national unions.

The second group contains approximately 65 four-page survey forms detailing: name and address of the union; number of members; date of organization; policies; dues; affiliation with a national union; grievance and negotiation procedures; challenges from other unions; and instances of employer violations of contract.

The series also contains correspondence relating to the survey, copies of contracts, and union constitutions and by-laws. In addition, there is a file of several hundred 3 x 5 cards with names and addresses of labor leaders and labor unions in New York (presumably those that were sent copies of the union survey). Information on the decline of the local sugar industry and its effects on the Port of New York, with statistics on the consequences on the labor force, is also found within the series.

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