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This series consists of hearing and testimony files from a variety of New York State Senate and Joint Legislative committees. Files included hearing agendas; written testimony; transcripts and audio tapes of hearings; newspaper clippings; press releases; and correspondence with citizens, private organizations, and local governments. Topics covered include the Medicaid fee system; health industry manpower shortages; water pollution; air pollution by automobile emissions; health care availability; health and hospital insurance; statewide school funding; services for the handicapped; and the teachers' retirement system.
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L0109-96: Arranged by subject of hearing.

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This series consists of hearings and testimony files of the Senate Committee on Education under the chairmanship of Senator James Donovan. A major topic of public hearings in these records is the state court case Levittown v. Nyquist, filed in 1978 and decided in 1982. The landmark case dealt with equity in statewide school funding. Other hearings are related to educational technology, standards, services for the handicapped, and the teachers' retirement system. The records include 11 audiotapes of public hearings.

L0109-96: This accretion consists of hearing files of the following committees: Joint Legislative Committee on the Problems of Public Health and Medicine; Senate Committee on Health; Joint Legislative Committee on Public Health; Joint Legislative Committee on Public Health, Medicare, Medicaid, and Compulsory Health and Hospital Insurance; and Joint Legislative Committee on Transportation.

Types of material include hearing agendas; lists of persons to testify; requests to testify; written testimony; transcripts of hearings; newspaper clippings; press releases; and correspondence from and replies to private citizens, public facilities, professionals, and local government officials concerning topics covered by the hearings.

Topics covered include the Medicaid fee system and its effect on doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and private citizens; manpower shortages in health related services; water pollution and water supplies; air pollution by automobile exhaust emissions; availability of health care to residents of inner cities; types of medical care to be provided by public health facilities; and health and hospital insurance.

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L0109-87: Folder list is available at the repository.

L0109-96: Container list is available at the repository.

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L0109-96: These records were stored in the State Library stacks at the main Education Building by the Senate Microfilm and Records Office, and were transferred to the Archives due to pending renovation of that building.

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