Inventory of the estate of the late Jonas Bronck

Scanned Document:

Inventory of the goods and ] effects found at the house ] of Teuntjen Jeuriaens,[1] widow of the late Jonas Bronc, residing at Emaus.[2]


1 Bible, folio
Calvinus, Institutie, folio[3]
Bullingeris[4]Schultetus, Dominicalia [5]Moleneri, Praxis, quarto1 German Bible, quartoSeespigel, folio [6]1 Psalter, Luther’s translation Sledanus, folio[7]Danish chronicle, quarto Danish law book, quarto
Luther’s whole catechism
’t Lof Christi, quarto[8] De vier uyterste vande doot [9]Two Schatcamers (Treasures), small folio
Petrus Apianus[10]Danish children’s book
1 book called Veertich taffereelen des doots by Symon Golaert[11]Biblical storiesDanish calendar
’t Gesicht des grooten Seevaerts [12]A collection of 18 old printed booklets by diversee authors, both Dutch and Danish
17 manuscript books, which are old

11 ] pictures, large and small
3 guns
1 musket
1 rapier[13] with silver mounting
1 Japanese cutlas
1 dagger with silver mounting
1 suit of black cloth
1 pair of black gloves
1 black satin suit
1 old slashed satin doublet
2 old suits of Leyden grosgrain
1 blue damask woolen shirt
2 hats
1 black cloth mantle
1 gold signet ring
1 old mantle of colored cloth
6 old shirts
19 pewter plates
12 ditto, large and small
7 silver spoons
1 silver cup
1 silver salt cellar
1 ditto little tray
4 tankards with silver chains[ 14]
2 mirrors, one with an ebony frame and the other with a gilt frame
6 little alabaster saucers
3 iron pots
3 brass kettles
1 ditto skimmer
1 extension table
1 chest containing various pieces of porcelain
a few panes of window glass
a lot of old iron

1 stone house[15] covered with tiles
1 barn
1 tobacco house
2 hay barracks
2 five-year old mares
1 six-year old stallion
1 two-year old ditto
1 yearling stallion
2 mares of one year
5 milch cows
1 yoke of oxen
1 bull
3 yearling heifers
4 bull calves of this year
hogs, number unknown, running in the woods

sowed on the farm in the cleared land {  6 schepels of wheat 
66 ditto of rye 
3 ditto of winter barley 
7 schepels of peas 
1 ox plow  } with appurtenances 
1 foot plow 

1 iron harrow
1 dray (blockwagen)
2 new scythes
1 old ditto
23 new axes
4 old ditto
2 hoes
3 ditto adzes and some other carpenter’s tools
3 beds and 6 pairs of sheets
4 pairs of pillows
4 tablecloths
16 or 17 napkins
1 small brewing kettle
3 half-leggers [16]1 half-vat
3 tubs
1 hogshead
1 churn
3 milk tubs, old and new4 malt vats
5 old empty grain tubs

All of which is thus found and inventoried at the house aforesald by Teuntjen Jeuriaens above mentioned and Pieter Bronck, in the presence of Everardus Bogardus, minister, and Mr. Jochim Pietersen Kuyter, both chosen and invited hereto as guardians of the aforesaid Teuntjen Jeuriaens, the 6th of May anno 1643, in New Netherland, at the house above mentioned.

Tevntien Jevriaens
Peter Bronk
E. Boghardus
J. P. Kuyter
Cornelis van Tienhoven
Anthonia Slachboom, or Slaghboom. She married in l643 Arent van Curler and died in December 1676. See Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswijck and Schenectady., 1675-80, 2:185, 188, 195, and Dutch Settlers Society of Albany Yearbook, 1927-28, 3:12-15, 29; 1932-34, 8-9:10.
Emmaus, Bronck’s farm, between the Harlem and the Bronx Rivers, in what is now Morrisania.
Apparently the Dutch edition of Calvin’s Institutes, entitled: Institutie, ofte onderwijsinghe in de Christelijcke Religie, Dordrecht, 1578.
Heinrich Bullinger, Swiss reformer, 1504-75; author of First Helvetian Confession of faith, 1536; Second Helvetian Confession, 1566; Perfecto Christianorum, and other religious books. A popular Dutch work was: Huysboeck, vijf decades, dat is, vijftich sermoonen van de voorneemste hooftstucken der Christelijcke Religie, w. pl., 1568, which may be the work referred to in the inventory.
A book of Homilies by Abraham Schultens, or Scultetus.
Willem Jansz Blaeu, Zeespiegel, Amsterdam, 1623, 3 vols. folio. A famous sea atlas, reprinted in 1626 and 1638.
Johannes Sleidanus, 1506 (15O8?) -56; author of De statu religionis et reipublicae Carolo V. Caesare commentarii. Strassburg, 1555. Until the end of the 18th century this was the chief source for the history of the Reformation.
The Praise of Christ.
The four last things, being a Dutch translation of Gerardus de Vliederhoven, Quatuor novissimorum liber, de morte videlicet penis inferni, iudicio et celesti gloria quem plerique cordiale compellant, a 15th century work of which there are many Latin editions. The first Dutch edition was printed at Gouda in 1477.
Probably the famous Cosmographia of Petrus Apianus, printed at Landshut, 1524, and at Antwerp in 1529, 1539, 1545. He also wrote: Astronomicum Caesareum, Ingolstadt, 1540/41, and Inscriptiones sacrosanctea vetustatis, Ingolstadt, 1534.
Probably Simon Goulart, the younger, a Walloon minister, born at Geneva, October 2, 1575 (?), died at Frederikstad, March 19, 1628 (?).
J. H. J. van der Ley, ’t Gesicht des grooten Zeevaerts, Franiker, 1619, obl. quarto. A sea atlas and work on navigation in which the author made use of a newly invented and ingenious way of finding the exact longitude and latitude, which attracted much attention at the time.
pederm, intended for pidarm, a short, stiff rapier. See De Oude Tijd, 1869, 1:124.
keden; an old form for keten, chain
1 steenen huys; which may mean a brick house.
1 legger arrack = 153.75 gallons.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 2, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.