Dutch colonial council minutes, 10-27 September 1646

Scanned Document:

10th of September 1646

Whereas the sentence and the account of Jan de Fries are sent to his house and the ship De Jager lies at present ready to sail for the fatherland, you, Jan de Pries, are hereby commanded to repair this week on board said ship in order to proceed in her to Holland. Done in council, the day and year aforesaid.

On the 13th of September

Jan Jansen from Hoorm, plaintiff, vs. Claes Pietersen from Purmerent, defendant. Plaintiff lost some shirts on the voyage from Holland hither and as the defendant has sold here some shirts like them, plaintiff wants to know where the defendant got them. Defendant answers that he bought the shirts at Amsterdam, without being able to say in what street. The director and council, having heard the plaintiff, find not a particle of guilt in the defendant, wherefore the plaintiff is ordered to keep silent on condition that the defendant, when he goes to Holland and shall have arrived at Amsterdam, is bound to point out the shop where he bought the shirts.

Sybolt Classen, plaintiff, vs. Rouloff Jansen, defendant, as surety for Jan Haes. The plaintiff demands payment from the surety. Defendant answers that he paid Jan Haes. Ordered that parties shall prove their assertions.

Whereas the honorable director general and council of New Netherland have been reliably informed that Jacob Eversen Sandelyn, skipper of the ship Den Schotsen Duytsman,[1] without order or commission from the Chartered West India Company, chamber of Amsterdam, has come into the South river of New Netherland with the aforesaid ship and there sold a quantity of duffel cloth and other goods to the Swedish governor, for which he received from the aforesaid governor a bill of exchange amounting to the sum of 2,050 gl., which bill of exchange and letter of advice have been handed by Laurens Laurensen from Vleckeren to Everardus Bogardus, minister here, to be transmitted to Holland; and whereas this tends to the great prejudice of the Company and the serious detriment of this country; therefore, we hereby order said Bogardus to deliver immediately into our hands the above mentioned bill handed him by Laurens Laurensen, or to declare into whose hands he has delivered it. In default thereof, the aforesaid Bogardus shall be responsible for all damage and loss which the honorable Company shall suffer thereby and be considered an accessory of those who endeavor to rob the honorable Company of its revenue and seek to ruin the country. Thus done in council in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland, the 21st of September anno l646.

We, the undersigned, declare that by order of the court in New Netherland we have this day read the aforesaid order to Domine Bogardus, who gave the honorable fiscal for answer that it was not enough for the sheriff or fiscal to make some assertions, but that he must prove his above written complaint.

The fiscal asked Bogardus, "Did you not have the bill of Sandelyn?", whereupon the minister answered, "I did not say that." All of which we declare took place in our presence at the house of Bogardus, the 21st of September 1646, in New Amsterdam.

The original was signed, Cornelio vander ] Hoykens, fiscal, Evert Duykingh. Below was written; Acknowledged before me, and was signed, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary.

In council in Fort Amsterdam, at the request of the honorable fiscal, Laurens Laurensen from Vleckeren was asked this day whether he had received any letters from Jacob Sandelyn to be delivered to Everardus Bogardus, with request from said Sandelyn that Bogardus should forward the letters to Holland, and whether there was not a bill of exchange among them from the Swedish governor. Laurens Laurensen says that he received a package of letters from the aforesaid Sandelyn, among which letters there were also some from the Swedish governor, and delivered them here to Everardus Bogardus. Done the 21st of September anno 1646. Was signed by Willem Kieft, director, and Cornelio vander ] Hoykens, fiscal. Below was written: Acknowledged before me, Corneils van Tienhoven, secretary.

The 27th of September

At the request of the Reverend and very learned Domine Johannes Megapolensis, minister in the colony of Renselaerswyck, and in accordance with the promise heretofore made by our predecessors to Jan Francisco, junior, a Negro, in view of the long and faithful service rendered by him, the same is hereby manumitted and given his freedom, provided that during the remainder of his life he shall pay yearly as an acknowledgment for his freedom 10 schepels of wheat or the value thereof.


The Scotch Dutchman.


Translation: Scott, K., & Stryker-Rodda, K. (Ed.). New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Vol. 4, Council Minutes, 1638-1649 (A. Van Laer, Trans.). Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: 1974.A complete copy of this publication is available on the New Netherland Institute website.